Monday, February 12, 2018

Gift ideas for motor fans on Valentine's Day

Gifts for motor fans on Valentine's Day

Are you a fallen lover and still do not know what to give to your partner on February 14? Do not panic! We have the solution. For lovers of cars and motorcycles, here we leave you some very original ideas with which you will guess for sure.

1. Enjoy as a Formula 1 driver: What better way than to show your love by driving a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche. You can already feel the adrenaline of piloting one of these jewels thanks to companies like Formula GT.

2. A date to watch the most important motorcycle and car competitions: Encourage your favorite riders in the Grand Prix of Formula 1. If yours are the bikes, you can not miss the exciting MotoGP World Championship. Make a fund date that involves motorsports watching.

3. Give away books: Never give away culture. With 'Rally a rally 2012-2013', book written by journalists Pipo López and Javier Bueno. you will discover all the details and curiosities of each section. Another option is the work of the ex-driver of Formula 1 María de Villota, ‘Life, a gift’, a message full of joy and hope.

4. Safety with style for bike lovers: Protect yourself with this beautiful helmet or   accessories.

5.Phone case: True car lovers carry their favorite brands illustrated anywhere. The mobile phone was not going to be less. Get a Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborgini original phone case.

6. Motorcycle gloves: When it comes to enjoying your motorcycle, it is essential to be well equipped, gloves are never left over.

7. Motorcycle Jacket: We look at this jacket of the Kawasaki brand in black with details in green fluorine and white. It is a perfect garment to enjoy our motorcycle routes, yes, it is at halftime so you must wait for spring to show off.

9. Elegance and sophistication for him: If your boy is passionate about the Ferrari brand, surprise him with these precious cufflinks with the brand's carbon fiber element.

10. And last but not least, how about a new car. That is right, a new used car from Del Del Toro Auto Sales with our Valentine’s Day Special sales event. Get an awesome new used car and save ton’s of money when financing with Del Toro Auto Sales 30 second credit approval program available until the end of the month.

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