Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Five Advantages of Buying a Used Car

One of the most important decisions an individual will ever make is buying a car; which is why you need to take your time and do more in-depth research before you buy a car. Some of the things you will have to consider include the price, payment methods, auto insurance, and specifications. Talking about buying a car, many people find themselves in the dilemma of buying a new one versus a used. Too many people buying a new one is the right choice, but there are many benefits of buying a used car, related to price, insurance, and maintenance, which needs to be taken into consideration for those who think buying a new car is the right option.
Find out why buying used cars can be better than buying a new model.
1.    Affordability
One of the reasons why people do opt for a used car is the fact that they are affordable. When you visit a used car dealer, you will find out that there is range of prices to fit your budget. The down payment available to buying a used car is also lower than when buying a new one. Financing institutions demand that you make a down payment of at least 10% for a new car, but you can negotiate the down payment when buying a used one. The bottom line, you tend to save more on a used car than buying a new one. 
2.    Better Value
When you buy a new car, you won’t pay for the additions that come with the car when it was still new; you get more value for your buck as you might not need to spend on additionally equipment like backup cameras, DVD players, multi-CD players, roof racks, and 3rd-row seats. Many used cars are already equipped with these features, so you don’t have to spend on these extras especially if the car you are considering has a few years on it.
3.    Same Features
Only new cars use to offer consumers better safety and performance back in the days, but with the improvement in innovations, most of these features can now be found in both old and new. Safety features like airbags are now build to use 20 years; anti-lock brakes can now be found in almost all cars. Same as air conditioning, skid control, and cruise control can now be found on nearly every model on the road. As long as the used car you bought is not too old, it will also have all this safety and performance features just like the new one.
4.    Selection
Buying a used car does not only give you the opportunity of choosing from an ample selection but at a great deal. You can browse through many used cars, and choose your preferred color, year, mileage, price and body (truck or SUV). You have more in control of what you want when you opt in for used cars; you won't be limited to the newer models when you go for used cars.
5.    Insurance
Your insurance tends to be cheaper depending on how old your car is. If you drive an older automobile, you tend to pay lower insurance for it, which is also a benefit. You can also opt for having liability only depending on the year of your car.

The bottom line is 80% of all vehicle sales in the U.S. are of used cars. Used cars give you the same features and reliability as their new counterparts, for a fraction of the price.


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