Thursday, June 28, 2018


Del Toro Auto Sales Making 4TH of July Day More Awesome

Finding the right auto dealer is always a hassle and a pain to deal with especially with bad credit or no credit at all! However, Here is where Del Toro auto sales comes in and saves the day with their 30 second credit approval. With the ability to proudly boast of the best used dealership in Auburn Washington, DelToro Auto Sales has an amazingly wide range of used cars in pristine conditions to choose from, and the best part is that they are running a week-long sale for 4TH of July. Del Toro auto Sales in Auburn can save you money not only on the vehicle but with the low financing rates Del Toro Auto can offer during this promotion. As incredible and unbelievable as it is, it’s true.

We have an array of used trucks and used cars to select from and with the low prices, it’s an irresistible offer that you can make the most of and, almost criminal not to do so. Worried about interested rates? Worry no more with the interest rates as low as 3.99%. APR.
DelToro Auto Sales are all about making the customers happy, and if that means that you would like to trade your car in for another then they are the auto dealers for you or you could also trade in your car for cash, everything as you prefer.
With a view of providing the best deals and also ensuring customer satisfaction, DelToro Auto Sales offer you the best that you can find in a used car dealership. No matter the brand or model of car you want be it a racy BMW, a something smaller like Kia or a sleek and classy Mercedes you will surely find the best of it here.
These are the things that distinguish Del Toro Auto Sales from other dealerships in Auburn with Del Toro Auto Sales willing to help with great financing options and low-interest rates with boasting a variety of vehicles. With the 4th of July deals you get the best choices and selection of vehicles you want so make the most of it.
For more information you can visit us in person in Auburn at 415 Auburn Ave, Auburn, WA or you can call to speak to a representative at 1-888-324-2978. You can also visit our website and apply for an auto loan to get approved in seconds.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Father’s Day Auto Deals: Best Financing Options Available

Father’s Day Sweet Deals | Del Toro Auto Sales
It's June and father's day celebration is here again. 17th June marks a day that has been set aside to celebrate the wonderful fathers that we have, but how do you get to wish your dad a happy father's day beyond just words? How else could you show him that you care beyond the routine texts and gift cards? Think about his need for a car too. While it may seem like an impossible task buying your dad a car, it is actually possible. You would be surprised at how amazing the 2018 father’s day car sale deals are this year at Del Toro Auto Sales, only if you're looking in the right direction.
There are a lot of holiday car deals that favors your particular specifications on the internet and most of these deals are formulated with the view to get people closer to the dream cars of their dads. Although father’s day may not be a typical car buying holiday, it still has a way of triggering people to look for cheap nice cars. After the first step of getting to know the kind of car deal that you want, the next major thing to look at is how to get the best pricing and what financing options are available for you or your dad. And don't worry, we have  you covered with our 30 second auto credit approval.
Auto Financing Auburn | Auburn auto loans
It doesn't really matter what your credit history is or the shape of your budget, you can actually get a dream car or truck with the incredible financing options offered at and being a first time buyer with no credit should not stop you from get Auto Loans.
30 Seconds Credit Approval: it is real and very possible here to Auto Loans in 30 seconds for an incredible interest rate that starts as low as 1.99% APR. No other deal provides a car for you and gives you a flexible finance option like this.
InstantTrade In Cash: In addition, this service is also offered in partnership with Kelly Blue book and it's actually easy and reliable and is due in just 3 days.
What are you waiting for? Visit us today to get the best car deal available this Father's day.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Auto Financing For Bad Credit And First Time Buyers.

What happens when you are in dire need of a car but have bad credit staring you in the face?. As a first time buyer are there any possibilities of getting an auto financing?. These may be questions you've often wondered about. We at Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn, WA have just the answers you need. 

We understand that first-time buyers may need some autofinancing. We also know that poor credit can trigger unwanted challenges. A majority of Americans precisely 56 percent find themselves in the dilemma of no credit, bad credit, poor credit scores and sometimes bankruptcy. 

In view of this, we have provided the best auto financing package to meet your need despite your credit situation or your first purchase needs. There is on ground auto loans for every situation.

At Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn WA, our decision to provide a way out through the Auto Financing platform comes with a lot of added advantages to the borrower. Not only do we give loans, but we also ensure they are hassle-free. With just a three-step application, you receive a thirty seconds auto credit approval

Furthermore, in the pursuit of giving ultimate satisfaction while being a friend to first-time buyers as well as individuals with bad credit, we understand fully well that such credit situations won't last forever and so aim for hundred percent credit approvals.

Overall, our decision to be of immense assistance to buyers with bad credit while also offering great deals to first-time buyers sets us apart from other auto dealerships. In addition to this factor, we also offer the best-used cars at the best rates. Our base is really close to Seattle and we would be glad to help in whatever way possible to make your dreams a reality by granting the best Auto loan for your needs.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Pre Father's Day Sale At Del Toro Auto Sales

Fathers are a blessing to the life of anyone, be it a biological father or a father figure and we do know that they do love their toys especially a sweet well-functioning car that they can drive around town in and just ease into the fun of the ride.

That's why we at Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn, WA have taken it upon ourselves to help you put a smile on their faces by providing some great fairly used cars at affordable rates and approvals within 30 seconds

We have a wide range of impressive cars from BMWs to Chevrolets avalanche, Impala, Malibu, Silverado, and Spark. Here are some of the Vehicles we have at Del Toro Auto Sales on sale that are sure to impress.

1) Used 2009 BMW 328i3
This is one great luxury ride you might want to take home. It was engineered in Germany and is both dependable and affordable. Its transmission is automatic, and it possesses a mileage of 104,642. This beauty is powered by a 3.0L 16 engine and is just perfect for arriving your destination in style.

2) Used 2006 BMW X3 X3 AWD 3.0i
This German Fraulein has some sweet deals for you with an inbuilt awesome six-cylinder engine and an automatic transmission. This BMW gives you your smooth ride without the hassle of frequenting the gas station. Isn't that a great deal with an affordable price only a call away?.

3) Used 2014 Chevrolet Spark LS
For as low as 7,791 dollars you can purchase this beauty, and it is great for urban use and not only do you have savings on its purchase you are saved from the hassle of a frequent top up of gas. This subcompact car runs smoothly with a mileage of 61,947 and a 1.2L engine. It is sure to make you ride in style and comfort.

Summarily great cars are hard to come by especially at relatively cheap rates. We at Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn WA aim to please and have made these available. To further ease the purchase process we have made available Auto financing opportunities.
 So feel free and take advantage of these great deals for father's day and the accompanying hundred percent financial and credit approvals.