Friday, May 31, 2019

Questions For Financing A Used Car In Auburn, WA

Questions For Financing A Used Car In Auburn

Buying a used car in Auburn can be stressful and you may have questions that you would like to be answered but you don’t feel like calling the dealership.  Del Toro Auto Sales, a used car dealership in Auburn, has compiled a list of questions that we frequently get asked to help better assist you in your car buying process and how you can get used car financing in Auburn.

Why are the prices at Del Toro Auto Sales better than most used car dealerships?
Our expert used car dealership staff selects specific cars for our customers at the auction or from lease end cars, which allows us to have competitive prices.  You can find used cars with low mileage in mint condition at great prices, all in the greater Seattle Area at Del Toro Auto Sales.  This is the perfect way to get the most car for the value.  Why finance a new car with a high monthly payment when you can finance a used car with low mileage for half the price in Auburn?  Now that’s a deal.

I still owe money on my car, can I trade it in for a new used car at Del Toro Auto Sales? 
One word, Yes. We accept trade-ins regardless if you still owe money or you own your car out right.  If you don’t own money on the car it’s a straightforward process and we will apply the value of your car to your selected new used car in Auburn.  

However if you still have a balance on your current vehicle, we will need more information and one of our finance managers at Del Toro Auto Sales can assist you with this.  We will help you with every step so you can understand how we value your trade-in vehicle and this will make your used car financing purchase easy.  

Why should I set an appointment to test drive the used car I want to finance?
There are a variety of reasons we recommend you to test drive the used car you are about to finance.  We suggest this because:
  1. You actually like the vehicle you are driving.  It is comfortable for you and has all the gadgets that are important while you are driving.
  2. We want to ensure the vehicle is still available
  3. By setting an appointment to test drive the vehicle will allow our team at Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn to get your used car ready such as cleaned with fuel.  We don’t want to deny any customers the ability to test drive their desired vehicle when they want.

Can I see the CARFAX?
Yes! Our entire used car inventory has a carfax history report.  In fact you can visit our website to view our inventory with the details of almost every car.  Or if you wish to visit us in person, we will be happy to print you out a report or email you one.

Do I need a down payment and how much will I need?
A down payment is predicated upon a few factors.  First our financial manager will sit with you to better understand your credit history and based off your credit report we will be able to get you your used car financing in Auburn.  Your down payment will depend on your financing that you quality for.  Our finance managers can estimate what your down payment will look like depending on the financing you qualify for. 

Our team at Del Toro Auto Sales enjoys the opportunity to help our customers and potential customers and we want to ensure you get into the perfect used car for you!  If you have additional questions that are not answered, please email us and we will be happy to assist you with any questions.

We want to make sure you are able to finance a used car in Auburn that is affordable for your monthly budget.  We like to help our customers build their credit through used car financing with a monthly payment that is reasonable.  Contact us today to help find you the right vehicle that fits your every need.  Visit us today during our extensive hours seven days a week.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019



Although Memorial Day is a day for remembrance for fallen service men and women serving the United State of America, it has also become a celebration during a long weekend with families gathering, eating good food, and shop for great deals on used car financing in Auburn.

Great deals on used cars are not only geared to military members, you can find amazing discounted prices for everyone on the car of your dreams during our Memorial Day weekend sale.  At Del Toro Auto Sales we want to help all our customers get the most out of these used car-financing sales in Auburn with a few simple tips.

5 Tips To Save During Memorial Day Weekend
The closer you get to the long holiday weekend you will most likely be bombarded with used car ads for great savings and financing, however trying to find the best deal you may overlook the terms of the used car auto loan.  This is true especially for people who are in need of used car financing in Auburn given their bad credit.
Your team at Del Toro AutoSales has put together some tips that you could find helpful while shopping for your next beautiful used car in Auburn during our Memorial Day weekend sale regardless of your financial history.
  • Know what you can afford.  Like with anything, know how much you can afford on a monthly basis.  You don’t want to get yourself into a used car auto-financing loan and over extend yourself, especially if you are trying to fix your credit.  When you begin your search, make sure to emphasize how much you can afford monthly and what your overall budget is.  Regardless of the time of year or holiday savings weekend, this is an important tip to keep in mind.

  • Know what your needs are.  There are many dealers who try to push you into a car that you don’t want or need, and it may be beautiful, however at the end of the day you need to focus on what is best for you, your family, your daily needs, savings etc.

  • Be realistic.  Memorial Day weekend is a few days with sales galore.  However, if your credit is not perfect you will most likely get offered a higher interest rate regardless of the used car dealership in Auburn you are looking.  Del Toro Auto Sales can offer great terms for used car auto financing with guarantee credit approval.   We offer some of the best rates in Auburn and the surrounding Seattle area.

  • Come prepared.  This is a weekend where used car dealerships like Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn will be marking down cars for all our customers. If you are in the market for a quality used car Auburn you can receive even greater savings if you come with a down payment or a trade-in, which will go towards your new car.  This is money that is being taken directly off your auto loan thus bringing down your overall used car auto loan.

  • Keep your eye on the end goal.  While shopping if you are offered a deal that sounds too good to be true, it typically is and make sure to read the fine print of your used car finance application loan.  Del Toro Auto Sales offers great loans to all our customers with guaranteed financing.  We know how the industry works, but at our used car dealership, you don’t need to worry about shady deals or car dealers.

Savings on Used Cars in Auburn for Memorial Day

Visit us online or at our Used Car Dealership inAuburn for great Memorial Day weekend savings.  We offer used car financing at Del Toro Auto Sales so contact us today to see the great saving opportunities.  With summer just around the corner you want to ensure you are in a safe and reliable car for those camping trips, excursions or to see family and what a better weekend to finance a quality used car!  Visit us during our flexible hours 7 days a week.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

First time buyer specials - Finance a Used cars Auburn, WA - Del Toro Auto Sales

5 Tips To Help Graduates Finance A Used Car

It is that time of year when college graduates are walking across the platform to receive their diploma and you find yourself with money in your pocket from graduation gifts.  Now days you pretty much need your car for everything and reliable transportation is a must.  Whether it is to visit family, travel to work or to have fun, a pre-owned vehicle will be handy. Purchasing or financing a quality used car at Del Toro Auto Sales is a great place to start looking.  Del Toro Sales in Auburn has a few tips that will help graduates with financing their new used car and hit the ground running.

Tip #1:  Check your credit
As a recent graduate you may think your credit history looks different so you may be alarmed when you view your credit score.  Learning your score early on can help you check for errors and get them fixed.  Keep in mind your student loans won’t show up right away on your credit report.  You can view your credit report once a year for free by visiting annualcredit

If you need to increase your credit think about obtaining a credit card with a low limit especially before heading to Del Toro Auto Sales, your used car dealership of choice.  However, when you have low to no credit, it does not mean you can’t get financed.  Our professionals understand circumstances and recent graduates don’t have much credit. 

Tip #2:  Set yourself a budget for a used car in Auburn
It is always best to determine how much used car financing you can get and what your monthly payment should look like before you begin shopping.   Ensure to factor in your living expenses, food, student loan payments and entertainment with the money you are currently making.

Tip #3:  Start saving now:
Whenever financing a used car, it’s best to be able to put money down so your used car loan is less with a lower monthly payment.  In addition you will need to pay for insurance and vehicle registration. Start saving now with the money you are currently earning.  Each paycheck put money towards your used vehicle in Auburn. 

Tip #4.  Used car financing at Del Toro Auto Sales
New cars lose so much depreciation and create a larger hole in your wallet.  Financing a used car allows you the freedom to get from place to place while still being able to ride around in a quality vehicle with all the options as a new car.  Although your quality used car may be a little worn, as long as the engine runs efficiently, you are good to go!

Tip #5.  Think about cost-saving strategies that will help you in the long run
When financing a used car in Auburn think about the distances you will be traveling and what fits your needs.  For an example if you will be spending hours on the road each morning think about financing a gas efficient vehicle.

In addition, think about insurance and what your monthly payment will look like.  Some used cars at Del Toro Auto Sales are cheaper to insure than others and if it needs repair, luxury used cars in Auburn are a lot more expensive.

You are now in the next chapter of life and entering the real world, you are on your own now.  Use the tips above to help get you on the right track and if you are in the market for a quality used car, our team of professionals are here to help you.  

Visit us seven days a week during flexible hours or visit our website to view our extensive inventory and to compare makes and models.  Your preferred dealership, Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn, looks forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Used car financing Auburn for no credit - First time buyer specials Auburn, Washington

If you have low credit you may find it difficult to finance a used car in Auburn. Creditors may be apprehensive to loan you money for used car financing especially if you have previously defaulted on loan payments or have a credit score lower than 650. You also may find used car dealerships to offer you financing with bad rates or having to put significant money down.  Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn is the perfect used car dealership for you if you have found yourself in this position.  We want to help our customers’ finance a quality used car in Auburn no matter your situation or what your credit score is. 

Financing options for used car Auburn

If you are in a position where you have either no credit or bad credit and have found searching for your next quality used vehicle frustrating due to your credit situation and you have been denied, Del Toro Auto Sales Auburn is here to help you. 
Our team works effortlessly to find financing used car packages for everyone regardless of your credit score or credit history. We understand financial hardship can happen for numerous reasons and you shouldn’t be a victim for something that could have been out of your control. Del Toro auto sales wants to help get you guaranteed financing and find a solution to get you back on your feet. We will find a finance package that works for your budget while financing a quality used car in Auburn that you desire.  You will drive away knowing you are in a good used car loan while saving money each month. 

Used car auto loan process in Auburn 

Our process is painless and to the point. We only require a few moments of your time with proof of identification and proof of income. You can visit our website to view our large selection of inventory that we frequently update and start narrowing down your options. We suggest you start here. You can browse our options, select make and model, select your budget range or even check it through CARFAX.  Visit us in person to check out the next car of your dreams or take the used car in Auburn for a test drive. It’s simple as that. 

Our team of professionals wants to help you save money and assist you if you have been having troubles finding a used car loan in Washington. Regardless of your credit history, we will guarantee used car financing in Auburn.

Visit us during our extensive hours of operation seven days a week or visit us online. You will not regret you did. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.