Friday, May 31, 2019

Questions For Financing A Used Car In Auburn, WA

Questions For Financing A Used Car In Auburn

Buying a used car in Auburn can be stressful and you may have questions that you would like to be answered but you don’t feel like calling the dealership.  Del Toro Auto Sales, a used car dealership in Auburn, has compiled a list of questions that we frequently get asked to help better assist you in your car buying process and how you can get used car financing in Auburn.

Why are the prices at Del Toro Auto Sales better than most used car dealerships?
Our expert used car dealership staff selects specific cars for our customers at the auction or from lease end cars, which allows us to have competitive prices.  You can find used cars with low mileage in mint condition at great prices, all in the greater Seattle Area at Del Toro Auto Sales.  This is the perfect way to get the most car for the value.  Why finance a new car with a high monthly payment when you can finance a used car with low mileage for half the price in Auburn?  Now that’s a deal.

I still owe money on my car, can I trade it in for a new used car at Del Toro Auto Sales? 
One word, Yes. We accept trade-ins regardless if you still owe money or you own your car out right.  If you don’t own money on the car it’s a straightforward process and we will apply the value of your car to your selected new used car in Auburn.  

However if you still have a balance on your current vehicle, we will need more information and one of our finance managers at Del Toro Auto Sales can assist you with this.  We will help you with every step so you can understand how we value your trade-in vehicle and this will make your used car financing purchase easy.  

Why should I set an appointment to test drive the used car I want to finance?
There are a variety of reasons we recommend you to test drive the used car you are about to finance.  We suggest this because:
  1. You actually like the vehicle you are driving.  It is comfortable for you and has all the gadgets that are important while you are driving.
  2. We want to ensure the vehicle is still available
  3. By setting an appointment to test drive the vehicle will allow our team at Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn to get your used car ready such as cleaned with fuel.  We don’t want to deny any customers the ability to test drive their desired vehicle when they want.

Can I see the CARFAX?
Yes! Our entire used car inventory has a carfax history report.  In fact you can visit our website to view our inventory with the details of almost every car.  Or if you wish to visit us in person, we will be happy to print you out a report or email you one.

Do I need a down payment and how much will I need?
A down payment is predicated upon a few factors.  First our financial manager will sit with you to better understand your credit history and based off your credit report we will be able to get you your used car financing in Auburn.  Your down payment will depend on your financing that you quality for.  Our finance managers can estimate what your down payment will look like depending on the financing you qualify for. 

Our team at Del Toro Auto Sales enjoys the opportunity to help our customers and potential customers and we want to ensure you get into the perfect used car for you!  If you have additional questions that are not answered, please email us and we will be happy to assist you with any questions.

We want to make sure you are able to finance a used car in Auburn that is affordable for your monthly budget.  We like to help our customers build their credit through used car financing with a monthly payment that is reasonable.  Contact us today to help find you the right vehicle that fits your every need.  Visit us today during our extensive hours seven days a week.

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