Thursday, May 16, 2019

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5 Tips To Help Graduates Finance A Used Car

It is that time of year when college graduates are walking across the platform to receive their diploma and you find yourself with money in your pocket from graduation gifts.  Now days you pretty much need your car for everything and reliable transportation is a must.  Whether it is to visit family, travel to work or to have fun, a pre-owned vehicle will be handy. Purchasing or financing a quality used car at Del Toro Auto Sales is a great place to start looking.  Del Toro Sales in Auburn has a few tips that will help graduates with financing their new used car and hit the ground running.

Tip #1:  Check your credit
As a recent graduate you may think your credit history looks different so you may be alarmed when you view your credit score.  Learning your score early on can help you check for errors and get them fixed.  Keep in mind your student loans won’t show up right away on your credit report.  You can view your credit report once a year for free by visiting annualcredit

If you need to increase your credit think about obtaining a credit card with a low limit especially before heading to Del Toro Auto Sales, your used car dealership of choice.  However, when you have low to no credit, it does not mean you can’t get financed.  Our professionals understand circumstances and recent graduates don’t have much credit. 

Tip #2:  Set yourself a budget for a used car in Auburn
It is always best to determine how much used car financing you can get and what your monthly payment should look like before you begin shopping.   Ensure to factor in your living expenses, food, student loan payments and entertainment with the money you are currently making.

Tip #3:  Start saving now:
Whenever financing a used car, it’s best to be able to put money down so your used car loan is less with a lower monthly payment.  In addition you will need to pay for insurance and vehicle registration. Start saving now with the money you are currently earning.  Each paycheck put money towards your used vehicle in Auburn. 

Tip #4.  Used car financing at Del Toro Auto Sales
New cars lose so much depreciation and create a larger hole in your wallet.  Financing a used car allows you the freedom to get from place to place while still being able to ride around in a quality vehicle with all the options as a new car.  Although your quality used car may be a little worn, as long as the engine runs efficiently, you are good to go!

Tip #5.  Think about cost-saving strategies that will help you in the long run
When financing a used car in Auburn think about the distances you will be traveling and what fits your needs.  For an example if you will be spending hours on the road each morning think about financing a gas efficient vehicle.

In addition, think about insurance and what your monthly payment will look like.  Some used cars at Del Toro Auto Sales are cheaper to insure than others and if it needs repair, luxury used cars in Auburn are a lot more expensive.

You are now in the next chapter of life and entering the real world, you are on your own now.  Use the tips above to help get you on the right track and if you are in the market for a quality used car, our team of professionals are here to help you.  

Visit us seven days a week during flexible hours or visit our website to view our extensive inventory and to compare makes and models.  Your preferred dealership, Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn, looks forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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