Friday, March 22, 2019

Spring Used Cars Sale - Buy With Confidence -Del Toro Auto Sales

Spring is upon us and this year we have seen record- breaking snow and rain, to relatively warm days.  The warmer season is just around the corner and we at Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn have a few tips to prepare your quality used car for spring.

Winters such as we had in Washington State are the harshest on your used car.  Your car probably wasn’t equipped or prepared to trudge through the snow, salt, dirt and ice on the roads or drive over potholes during fluctuating temperatures.
Del Toro Auto Sales has a team of experts to help clean up your pre used car and make it look new again for spring season.

Preparing your quality pre-owned car for spring

1. Change your winter tires.
There are significant benefits in winter tires vs. all-seasons especially during the cold winter months we experienced in Washington State and in Auburn.  Winter tires have a softer rubber that is stickier, which helps your used car stay on the road and out of the ditches.

However if you keep your winter tires on during warmer temperatures it results in excessive wear, hard handling of your pre-owned car and an increase in fuel consumption due to higher rolling resistance.  When the temperatures increase in Auburn and its time to switch over, make sure to check your tire pressure on the all-seasons tires of your quality used car.

In addition, check your spare tire to ensure the pressure is adequate; this is often times the most neglected but can be the most important.

2. Clean the inside of your Pre-Owned Car.
During the winter months, salt and sand compound the roads and that for sure has made it into your car. Start this season with thoroughly vacuuming your car to remove the dirty and tiny rocks from crevices and throw out all the trash that has accrued over the season.  Bring your quality used car back to life. If you have leather seats, Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn has special manufactured product to clean the seats and to help preserve the leather from wear and tear.

3. Clean the windows.
During the winter months in Auburn dirt clings to your windows and this makes the windows of your used car fog up easily because moisture binds to dirt.  This results in your windows fogging up on the inside.

Let our experienced service team at Del Toro Auto Sales help remove dirt and grime from your quality pre-owned vehicle.  While using non-ammonia based car window cleaner and lent free cloths, we will be sure to eliminate the occurrence of your car windows fogging up easily.

We use a non-ammonia base because normal household products contain ammonia, which will cause your windows to fog even more.  In addition, we use a lent free cloth so the fibers won’t scratch the tint or window.

4. Swap out your wiper blades
At the end of the winter months your blades of your used car that you financed in Auburn tend to be torn up due to salt spray, dirt and ice.  You don’t want to be caught in a rainstorm without functioning windshield wipers.

If you recently purchased your blades but they are already making streaks on your windshield, add a bit of polish remover to a paper towel and wipe both swipe sides.  This will help add a few more months of longevity to your blades.

5. Change out your cabin air filter (not all cars have one)
After every winter season you should change out your air filter and that way you won’t have to think about it for the rest of the year.  The air filter helps to ensure the air you breath while in your used car is free of pollen, dirt etc. from the outside air of your car.  Be sure to check the air system to ensure leaves or other debris is not obstructing the airflow.

6. Give your car a good shine.
After the long winter season Washington State has experienced, your used car that was financed with Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn, has dirt, salt and grime stuck to the frame, inside and outside your car.  Wipe down doorsills and footpads to keep your pants from becoming dirty and make sure you always wash your car with a detergent specifically for automobiles so it won’t strip the wax and make the paint dull.

It’s a good idea, and will save you a lot of time/money, if you put your car through an automated touch less car wash that has a high-pressure underbody spray.  After this winter season you want to eliminate all sand and dirt from the under carriage of your used car to prevent rust.  After your car has been through the automated car wash, wax your car with a microfiber cloth and dry your car thoroughly.  Make your quality used car shine again.

Follow our tips from our experienced Service staff at Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn, and you will be able to add longevity to your baby.  Don’t neglect your used car. We want to keep you on the road as long as possible. You can visit our service department during our flexible working hours, 6 days a week or schedule an appointment and we will be happy to handle these details for you.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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