Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Looking to finance a quality pre owned vehicle during March Madness? Del Toro Auto Sales Auburn, WA

Looking to finance a quality pre owned vehicle during March Madness?

To finance a quality used vehicle during March Madness means something different for everyone.  For some people, it’s a luxury, others it’s a necessity, but regardless of the need, you may feel overwhelmed and excited at the same time from financing a quality used car from Del Toro Auto Sales, but don’t let that stop you from this amazing car buying experience.  It can be fun and informative.  Before you venture off to finance a used car you will have to complete a few things.

  1. Before you make the investment during our March Madness visit Del Toro Auto Sales and research the make and model you think you want to finance.  Visit our website and view the large selection of quality used cars.  Compare prices, makes and models, select the color to see if we have that on our lot or check it through CarFax one owner cars in our inventory and view the description of the cars.
  2. Go through your finances, and based off that determine your budget for the car.  On our Del Toro Auto Sales website you can use our payment calculator to determine what your monthly payment would be.  From there you can search for the used car you desire to finance in Auburn.  Most of our quality used cars have vehicle prices or you can select your price range and all the cars we have under that range will appear.  
  3. Contact our dealership.  At Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn we are happy to arrange a test drive from a selection of vehicles to your liking.  We want to make sure you are fitted for the perfect vehicle for you.  If it’s not up to your expectation, you can walk away.  Our team of professionals is here to help you finance your next quality used car with a monthly payment you are comfortable with.

So now that you have completed your homework, stop by Del Toro Auto Sales during March Madness to finance your quality pre owned vehicle.  When is the best time you ask?  We suggest Monday or any day during the week because:
  • People just go back to work so they are not many people shopping for vehicles at this time and the lot will be less full than if you visit us on the weekend. 
  • You will not have to wait to speak to one of our professionals and you can get more one-on one attention to help find the perfect used car for you

Come celebrate March Madness with Del Toro Auto Sales and we will help you finance the best pre owned vehicle of your dreams.  Come spend your March with us instead of crowded areas so you can drive away with a fabulous car.  Kick off your spring with new wheels, just in time for summer.  Get great deals with us at Del Toro Auto Sales.

Visit us seven days a week during our extensive business hours.  Our team of professionals is eager to help find that perfect used car for you.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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