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Myths about used cars - Del Toro Auto Sales

Myths About Used Cars

Do you need a quality used car in Auburn but you are scared because you have heard many myths? You want to ensure you do your research before you make such an investment, and our professionals at DelToro Auto Sales will break down a few of the myths out there on used cars.

 Myth #1.  Used car financing is stressful

This myth is completely false.  Although life can be full of stressful events, financing a used car in Auburn doesn´t have to be one of them.  If you conduct your own research, come prepared and find the right used car dealership like Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn, you will be off to a good start.  In addition, stick to your budget.  With our extensive quality used car inventory there is no reason you can't stick to your budget and finance an affordable vehicle.  By doing so will help keep you on track with your monthly finances without overextending yourself.

Myth #2.  Used Car Dealerships will get me into a loan I can ́t afford

If you are forced into a loan and can't afford it, no one wins.  You are in the market for a quality used car, we want to sell you a car so our professional finance team will take the proper measures and go over your financial history from your credit report, work history and expenses to determine what you can afford.  Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn wants our customers to leave happy and satisfied.  We want you to ensure you come back to us in the future and refer friends.  You will not be bullied into a loan you can not afford.

Myth #3.  The best used car deals are online

Although you can find great deals online for quality used cars, this myth is false.  You can never compare having human interaction and negotiating in person.  You want to be able to see the car and take it for a test drive.  You want to be able to speak to the used car sales rep to ask questions and go over your financial history especially if you have had some previous struggles.  Most people would prefer to visit a used car dealership to have the overall experience even though the prices might be a little higher.

Myth #4.  Used Cars are not reliable

False. Used car inventory in Auburn can be just as good as financing a brand new car.  Using the VIN number of the car, you can use CARFAX to find out about the car's history.  Visit our used car inventory online to view all of our quality cars, compare makes and models or select from a range of prices. Using the VIN number will allow you to see if the car has been in an accident and how many owners the car has had. Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn also offer limited warranties on some of our vehicles.

The above are 4 myths that we feel needed to be busted.  Used car financing at Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn can save you lots of money between the depreciation and overall cost of the vehicle, so why wouldn't you want to finance a used car?  Don't let the myths of stress, price, time and deals prevent you from financing a quality used car.

Del Toro Auto Sales is open 7 days a week with flexible hours of operation. We want to ensure our customers leave happy and will do what it takes to help you every step of the way to eliminate stress.  Visit us today. in person or online  We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

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