Thursday, June 20, 2019

Can I finance a car with bad credit? Best tips to get financed with less than perfect credit

Does Having Poor Credit Mean I Can’t Get Financed?
Is poor credit keeping you from taking the steps to financing a used car? Del Toro Auto Sales, Auburn

Some people think that if they have poor credit, then financing a quality used car is far beyond their reach.  And if this is the case, our professionals at Del Toro Auto Sales is here to tell you that you have more options than you think.  If you heard that poor credit means you can’t get financed and it is keeping you from taking the first steps to financing your next quality used car, read on.

Having Poor Credit is NOT Forever

If you have previously experienced bankruptcy or have charge offs on your credit history report, you may think your credit is ruined forever and financing anything is not attainable because no lender will accept your loan because you are too high of a risk.  This myth is false, and any credit can be fixed by paying your bills on time and avoiding credit inquiries because this will lower your credit score. If you are in this position with poor credit, paying your bills on time for a year will increase your score regardless of how low it is.

You Are In Control Of What You Pay

People who are in a position with low credit may halt the process of looking to finance a quality used car in Auburn because they are afraid of what the price tag will be and they, the shopper, will not have a say in how much they pay.  Just because you have bad credit doesn’t mean lenders can victimize you.  Yes it can be frightening, but this is the exact reason you need to be well informed and knowledgable of your credit score, what it says, informed of your rights and be open to several different makes and models of used cars.  This will allow you to have more loan options.

Loan Terms Are Not As Important Than Low Monthly Payments

When you are looking to finance a used car through a bad credit loan program, you should look at both the terms of the loan and the monthly payment.  Look at this as a whole because if you see a low monthly payment, you may find yourself in a longer and more costlier loan, unless this doesn’t matter to you.

Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn, your dealership for quality used cars, hopes for you to be a well-informed shopper.  Although it is no lie, you may have fewer options for guaranteed auto loans in Seattle, having a better understanding of facts may help you save money and headaches.
We have an experienced staff at Del Toro Auto Sales, and we pride ourselves on the level of service we provide.  We are the choice for many people when it comes time to shop for their quality used car.  We offer excellent programs to help people in almost every type of situation because we understand that life happens. 

Poor Credit Auto Loans On Used Cars In Auburn

If you are in the market for your next pre-owned vehicle and want to save money and enjoy your experience, visit us in Auburn seven days a week during our flexible hours.  You can also visit us online to begin browsing our inventory, compare makes and models, and view the CARFAX history of your vehicles of choice.
Visit us today or apply online. We are standing by to assist you.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


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