Monday, February 4, 2019

Used cars Auburn - We finance your future not your past! Del toro auto sales

Buy a Used Car in Auburn after financial hardship

Do not let your past dictate how your future will unfold.  Del Toro Auto Sales is here to help finance your next used car loan.  Don't let your Bankruptcy prevent you from getting behind the wheel of a quality pre-owned car.  For most people a used car is a necessity, a means to work, transport your children, or whatever it maybe.

We all have been in financial hardship before, our credit takes a hit and we find that lenders don't want to lend money to people who have shown financial hardship and won´t finance a used car in Auburn with a low credit score.  Let us at Del Toro Auto Sales pave the way to your financial recovery.

Auto Loans in Auburn that are flexible after Bankruptcy

Many lenders base their decision to finance money to customers who want to buy a used car, only on their credit score- assigning everyone to a number, however at Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn, we conduct business in a different manner.  Regardless of your financial situation, a property repossessed, you have gone through a divorce, or whatever the situation may be, our professionals can you help get approved for an affordable used car auto loan in Auburn.

Once you made the decision to purchase a used car, visit our website and fill out our secure online pre-approval form which will only take a few minutes of your time to complete.  From there you will receive an approval and you will need to speak to our experts at our dealership in Auburn, and then the fun part begins.
You can also start browsing our inventory online or in person at our dealership.  You can compare makes and models, prices, use our payment calculator to determine your monthly payment.  We can help find you the perfect used car in Auburn that fits your every needs. We at Del Toro Auto Sales understand our customers and we do everything we can to finance all our customers regardless of their situation and bankruptcy should be no different.  Speak to our specialist to determine how we can help you and get you back on the road with a beautiful quality used car that will last you for years with terms that are desirable. We will make sure you are able to make your payment monthly and it's something you are comfortable with, because if you can´t, neither of us wins.

Visit us today in Auburn, the Used Car dealership that can help you with your needs.  We are open seven days a week during very flexible hours. Let us help you get onto the road again!


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