Saturday, December 30, 2017

Holiday Deals on Used Cars in Auburn, WA | Del Toro Auto Sales

To get a good deal on a used car in the Seattle area this Holiday season. To do so, several things must fall into place at the same time. First, you need to locate a Used vehicle that meets your specific requirements, it should be priced to sell at a reliable dealer and the dealership should offer options for a variety of car loans in Auburn. In addition, you should review the extra costs that go along with this used car purchase, including fuel, repairs, maintenance and auto insurance. That is why it is very important to select a good independent auto dealer to do business with. The best way to know who you are dealing with is to read reviews from past customer of that auto dealer. Often customers review auto dealers after their purchase. This review are mostly reliable if you look at a reputable source like google or yelp.

At Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn we have an awesome selections of used cars for sale starting at $3,995. We have our own shop and we safety inspect every used car before we sell it.  We always try to have the most popular brands in stock, including used Kia cars for sale, used Fords, used Chevys, used Nissans and many other vehicle brands. We also offer great financing options with rates starting as low as 1.99% APR. Here are some of the term used at the time of a vehicle purchase to acquire financing, and it helps to know what the terms mean:
The down payment is the money you pay out-of-pocket when you begin the loan process. It is often a percentage of the purchase price. The larger the better. Sometimes you can trade in a vehicle and use the amount paid for it as a portion (or all) of your down payment.
The loan term is the length of the loan and is typically 36-60 months or longer.
The annual percentage rate or APR is the most critical factor when you finance. Getting the lowest possible APR is in your best interest.
Finance charges are included in your loan. This is the money the lender charges to offer you financing.
Extra fees and penalties, if any, are included in your contract. It is important to read the document very carefully and ask for an explanation of anything you do not completely understand.

At Del Toro Auto Sales we know that you as a customer have many options as to where it can be purchased a used car in Auburn. This includes buying from an individual, a franchise or buying from an independent auto Dealer in Auburn like Del Toro Auto Sales. We take pride in our used cars for sale and alway try to please and get our customers exactly the used vehicle they are looking for or best meets their needs.  Keep in mind that when you buy from an individual, in Auburn there is a risk factor higher than when purchasing from a auto dealer like Del Toro auto sales. A franchise dealer often does have more new autos but there is not a great deal of variety on used cars and you must typically have a high credit rating to qualify for financing. Buying form an independent dealer like Del Toro auto sales offers you several benefits.
1. We have an extensive and varied used car inventory.
2. There is a price range for every credit rating.
3. Used car warranties are available for some models.
4. We have our own auto repair shop

We recommend reading review and doing some online research before buying. This will give comparisons of independent dealers and franchises in Auburn, WA. You will almost always have a better experience at a family-owned small independent local car dealer in Auburn. But don’t take my word for it. Please take a look at our online reviews on google. This are real customers taking about their experiences buying a used car at Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn. 

Del Toro Auto Sales has successfully served customers in the Auburn area for almost 15 years and as you can see on google reviews our excellent reputation speaks for itself. Gift yourself a new used car from Del Toro Auto Sales this Holidays. Don’t hesitate to reach our Vehicle specialists if you have any question about a used car in our inventory or if you have any financing questions at (888)324-2978.

Take advantage of our 30 second credit approval and drive home a new used vehicle this holiday season. We look forward to working with you to find a car that meets your transportation requirements. We wish you and your family a Happy Holiday and Happy New Year…

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