Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Checklist tips everyone should know before buying a used car


Del Toro auto sales used car buying tips

Here is a list to check when shopping for a used vehicle:

Body Damage
Is the bodywork straight? Sight down the fenders and doors for ripples. Look in the door frames and under the

hood and in the trunk for evidence of crash damage.

Dull paint can usually be buffed out, but peeling paint will have to be sanded down, maybe to bare metal, and then resprayed. Not a deal-breaker, but roll it into the price.

A well-maintained car can often go 150,000 or 200,000 miles, so don't be afraid of a high-mileage car if everything else is fine. On the other hand, mileage significantly lower or higher than the national average of 14,000 per year is a red flag. Low mileage may mean one of two things: a garage queen or station car that got driven rarely. And that's not good, that's bad. Sludge and carbon may have affected the engine. Or the odometer may have rolled over one more time than the seller is letting on. Check that the driver's seat and pedals reflect the mileage on the odometer. A worn brake-pedal rubber cover means lots of aggressive city miles. A brand-new brake pedal may mean the seller has replaced it to cover up the worn older one.

Tires and wheels 
  Walking around the vehicle to see if the styles of wheels are the same or different. If they are different is suggesting that the driver had trouble with curbs. You don't need any more info. This is a sign that the car could have been treated poorly.

Obviously, you need a vehicle that starts readily, runs cleanly and doesn't leak. If the seller has maintenance records, peruse them carefully. A steady progression of oil-change appointments is a great sign.

Worn-out tires are an easy fix, just figure it into the offering price. But check the tire-tread wear for signs of misalignment. A front end that's out of line may mean that the suspension is worn out.

Suspension and shocks 
Add the cost of a set of good shocks if the ones on the car are sacked out—but be prepared for additional suspension work necessitated by a lot of mileage with the shocks worn out.

Check for water damage
Check for mud in the trunk or under the seats. If the owner's manual is papier-mâché or the interior smells moldy, you may have a car that's been underwater. Never buy a flood car—these are often reclaimed by insurance companies, rinsed off and sold at auction.

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